Project: design & creation of a full e-commerce solution for initially targeted for wholesale clients. However the system was modified to now offer services to retail clients as well. Upon project completion, the creation of the promotional Facebook page www.facebook.com/EXPO.A.E was implemented.

Visit the site at www.expo.com.gr  

Estimated Delivery Date: 26/12/2014 
Budget Range: 6.000€ - 9.000€
Man Effort:
 6 man months
Actual Delivery Date: 26/05/2015  (Client delayed receipt due to the economic crisis).

CHALLENGE: This bilingual site had to be delivered under the auspice of the governmental funding organisation ΕΣΠΑ (ESPA). As the project coincided with the economic crisis, extensive delays did not allow us to officially deliver on time. However, our work was completed 3 months in advance of the agreed upon date. Once the site was up and running, a company Facebook page was created for future e-marketing campaigns along with a Google AdWords e-marketing campains.

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