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@riston consulting was formed in 2002 and is one of the most specialised companies in the web development field in Greece, with a vast field of collaborating professionals . The company offers complete solutions and services for the creation and promotion of Internet sites, Portals, Intranets and Extranets, creating web-based systems including workflows and e-Commerce options (with B2Β and B2C) for national and international e-shops.

@riston consulting offers unique pioneer solutions for the web environment, with the full utilisation of new Internet technologies and Online Social Media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, You Tube etc), in the entire range of operations of business. Among these, included are mid-range and large corporations, industries, financial institutions and businesses in the private sector.

In 2002  @riston consulting took on the responsibility of managing the Web Site of the Greek Presidency of the European Union  (, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  thus entering the area of web site creation in the Greek market using North American and European standards.

@riston consulting designs, develops, implements and offers solutions based on high-end stable Open Source products which are customised by @riston consulting and its collaborators, as well as by other reputable Open Source organisations, thus offering affordable solutions.

@riston consulting provides its customers with the necessary support for the full utilisation of the Internet: information, product marketing, ease of communication and interactive transactions are permanent factors which reduce costs, increase sales and productivity, ameliorate relationships between organisations and their clients, and increase the bond with their personnel and business collaborators, all serving to maximize profit.

The last few years @riston consulting is among the top positions of small companies, based on creativity & professionalism imposing its place in the Information Technology market, with new collaborations and even newer projects.

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